At OWO, the evening classes are conducted in an academic way such that every student gets a perfect learning approach centered in a child-centric environment like other children. The continuous steadfast efforts of our team have proven to be fruitful, and the journey that started from the primary level has now enabled our students to come a long way as they are ready to appear for their first secondary level assessments. We have been very fortunate to have unconditional support from our Civil Society and Sindh Police in orchastarising various anti-begging movements like “Stop Begging, Start Learning” to discourage forced child labor. Nonetheless, our Celebrities and Media campaigns have been very active with the “Green Karachi, Clean Karachi” campaign for a safer livelihood. At OWO, women-centric workshops and skill development seminars are designed explicitly for the marginalized women of our society. The door-to-door awareness campaigns have been very productive in providing job opportunities for women.
Moreover, the non-academic atelier and other such activities encourage women of every age group to come forth and display their artistic creativity and hidden talent to come out on the surface and portray it to the world. Our small-scale festivals and workshops are specifically designed for craftsmanship. We promote their skill so they can manifest their dreams, thus giving them moral support and financial independence.