What is OWO?

OCEAN WELFARE ORGANIZATION is a nonpolitical, nonsectarian, nonprofit platform founded by Anfas Ali Shah. This dynamic movement started after the unfortunate event of APS on December 16, 2014, with the mission to “Fight against Terrorism with Education, not Weapons.” OWO essentially aims to eliminate terrorism from its roots, and this is only possible by instilling education and creating a platform for disadvantaged minorities in our society. Our efforts aim to provide a sheltered child and women-centric environment in our community. Unfortunately, most of our children and women from the lower status quo are subjected to unfair and standard means for their basic needs to survive. Thus, being deprived of their fundamental rights, that being education. OWO has taken a conscientious initiative against terrorism and child education for both children and women to voice this and foster the art of self-development and innovative learning approaches. We believe that “He who opens a school door, closes a prison.” And this being our sole objective, we have successfully laid the foundation of our first street school, “THE FOOTPATH SCHOOL,” which is functioning by our team of dedicated teachers and passionate students striving unanimously day and night for this mission.